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On December 17, 2018 Northern California Community Development Corporation, NCCDC, acquired property located at 104 Drobish Road near the community of Bangor in Southeast Butte County, CA. NCCDC is a California non-profit corporation organized under Section 501(c)3 of the IRC. NCCDC operates Victory Village, a disabled Veterans assistance program. NCCDC was incorporated on June 7, 2013. The program offers substance abuse recovery, transitional living and re-employment training opportunities. Its mission of “treating the invisible wounds of war”, is “to provide all necessary services for low income, disabled, homeless, unemployed, women and minority Veterans including housing, substance abuse recovery services, and employment opportunities, so as to ensure that our Veterans-in-Progress (VIP’s) in Northern California are successfully recovered from addictive behavior and re-employed in productive pursuits as positive, contributing members of society.” Its website is

The property was previously a children’s camp which had accommodated as many as 70 children and youth. The property was owned by Christkindl LLC, who was represented in the transfer by Dennis Stone of Century 21 Select Real Estate in Yuba City. The transaction was quite long and complicated. Almquist credits Mr. Stone, the seller’s agent, for his help and expertise as being instrumental in the successful closing and for action “above and beyond the call of duty” in seeing the transfer through to completion. Without the seller’s cooperation handled by Mr. Stone, Almquist said that it is unlikely that the transfer would have been completed. Both Almquist and Stone are Veterans of the armed services.

The Victory Village program was started as a tribute to Marine Corp Lt. Don Singer for his heroism as a tank commander on Iwo Jima, Lt. Singer received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his heroism as a tank commander on Iwo Jima during WWII.

The program also pays tribute to Dr. Herman J. Almquist who was nominated for a Nobel prize in Bio-Chemistry for his discovery of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a blood clotting agent credited with saving the lives of many wounded combat troops during triage in Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) units and wounded military personnel evacuations to military hospitals. Richard Judd, who served in Viet Nam war, is recognized for his duty to his country. Our program is in tribute for their service in the military and their contribution to the health and safety of our military personnel.

The 48-acre property has just about everything needed to provide safe, decent, adequate housing for homeless Veterans and Veterans recovering from substance abuse. The property is improved with numerous buildings. It has been vacant for several years and is in various stages of disrepair. Improvements on this parcel include an approximately 3,335 SF main lodge building, one three-bedroom house, one two-bedroom house, a one-bedroom house, six cabins/bunkhouses and numerous outbuildings including two barns and a large maintenance shop. There is a creek that runs through the entire property that supplies a large pond.

The property is improved with five houses having 13 bedrooms totaling 7,649 sf. There are six cabins totaling 2,718 sf. There are five bathroom facilities with 17 toilets and 12 showers. There are eight barns, shops, storage, office, etc. buildings totaling 6,644 SF. Total living space including houses and cabins is 9,667 sf. Total improvements are 16,311 sf.  The lodge building has a dining room, group counseling room, and a living room with stone fireplace. There is a commercial kitchen with commercial sinks, stoves, refrigerators and walk-in freezer. There are restrooms, shower areas, large workshops and garage, horse stalls, corrals, round pin, pastures, creek and pond with zip line, caged areas for small animals, art studio, recreation rooms, library, offices, class rooms and even a bird aviary. There is a 3-bedroom 1-bathroom, house with breezeway carport on the western border of the property that is in very good condition. There is a four-bedroom one bath home situated on an adjacent 0.84 acres. It is 1,565 sf. There is also a large 20 x 40 shop building on this parcel. In addition, there is an 840 sf office, a 10 x 10 water tower with bathroom, three toilets and three showers. There are six cabins, a 425 sf bathroom five toilets six showers, 40 x 16 barn 40 x 18 covered feed stalls, 50 x 20 pottery barn, a 16 x18 covered chicken pen, a sewing room, a one bedroom, one bath house, a tack room, a feed storage building, and a 2,700 sf shop. Outside of the Sacramento area, there is no major disabled Veterans housing and substance abuse recovery services facility in Northern California. The largest facility is located in Rancho Cordova which will ultimately have a capacity of approximately 150 clients. This project will directly serve Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties. However, it will impact all of northern California. Unfortunately, the demand for service far outweighs the supply.

Program activities will include a par course and hiking trail along the creek and around the property. Rescue animals. Dog kennel. Chickens, ducks, other ranch pets. Bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball, pool table, football, baseball. Garden and orchard ranch chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Physical activity and sports will include karate, martial arts, gym, weight room, fishing at Collins Lake. Education and retraining will be provided by charter school and include, GED, auto mechanics, housing demolition and vintage merchandise recycling. Church services and substance abuse counseling will be core educational classes.

The present Board of Directors of NCCDC is comprised of persons with academic, military and business backgrounds. In addition, NCCDC has advisors with many years of experience in substance abuse recovery program operations. Eric J. Almquist is President of NCCDC. By profession, he is a real estate broker and general building contractor. In his career he has rehabilitated over 1,600 housing units and been recognized for his accomplishment in news articles and Comstock’s Magazine. Judy A. Almquist, Secretary/Treasurer. Judy has operated the financial affairs of group homes for over 20 years. Alan J. Almquist PhD. is a Professor of Anthropology at California State University at Hayward. Paula Gutierres is a retired Deputy Director of the CA Department of Corrections. Joseph Jones is a retired Captain in the United States Coast Guard. Brad Keller is a retired Colonel in the United States Air Force. He is a medical doctor and performed wound reconstruction surgery as flight surgeon and pilot. Jason Mulford is the Executive Director of Victory Village of Amador County. Ken Shoemake retired as President of Stay Safe Solutions, operated a disabled Veterans employment training program. George Tripp is the organization’s CPA.

Prior to joining Victory Village as an advisor, Mr. Kent Trimble was the Financial Manager of Veterans Village in Rancho Cordova, CA. Mr. Richard Judd is a Vietnam war Veteran and is our advisor on all types of Veterans issues. Mikhail Venikov is President of Ranger Road, a physically disabled Veterans recovery program using extreme sports therapy.  Mike Nichols is President of the Yuba Sutter Veterans Standown and advisor to the Victory Village program.  Gary Burghoff is our celebrity personality. Mr. Burghoff played Corporal “Radar O’Reilly” on the sitcom M*A*S*H 4077.  Tony Tamantini is the Victory Village Program Manager.  Karen Ricca provides administrative support and grant wriiting support.

At “Victory Village”, we will offer outpatient services, a sober living environment and residential care. Outpatient services are offered to clients who require specialized treatment without continuous supervision. Services include treatment assessments, individual counseling sessions, specialized Clients in the SLE program must attend weekly 12-step meetings, sign in-out, complete daily shores and follow rules and procedures. In the SLE treatment, our clients are isolated for the first 30 days to minimize any contact with former associates that might bring negative influences and allow them to focus on treatment goals. Vocational training and employment opportunities will be offered to the participants in our program in the home repair and deconstruction trades

NCCDC has operated a disabled Veterans recovery program since 2007. It owns two smaller properties in Oroville. The acquisition of the property in the Bangor area will immediately expand its capacity by 20 Veterans who are suffering from disabilities such as PTSD due to substance abuse and addiction. It will ultimately provide housing and services for up to 50 Veterans.

Program Manager for NCCDC, Tony Tamantini, will be in charge of the facility and the program under the direction of Mr. Almquist. Tony will head up the rehabilitation work. The project advisors include Richard Judd, disabled Veterans assistance program. “Acquiring this property is only the first step in the program and there is much work to do”, said Almquist, “but in the spirit of our program Hero, Lt. Don Singer, who was a World War II Tank Commander and recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service on Iwo Jima, “We will prevail”.  Victory Village is a collaborative associated program with Ranger Road, a non-profit organization for Veterans with physical disabilities.

Victory Village salutes all our nation’s Veterans and is actively making a major statement with our commitment to providing for the needs of disabled veterans. The rehabilitation and reopening of the facility in Bangor will be a major addition to services dedicated to the well-being of our Nation’s Heroes. 

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