March 13, 2012

·        We have applied to Wal Mart Stores for a grant to help complete the main facility.

·        We were approved for the CARE program from the state department of alcohol and drug programs for funding to provide service for Veterans less than 26 years of age.

·        We are proceeding with our plans to open Value Village, a deeply discounted grocery closeout and merchandise recycling market at the main facility and also at the Kaufman building, our vintage market project in Corning.  The Value Village stores will provide income and employment for our effort to assist Veterans.

·        We have a visit from Lindsey Wathen, Deputy Secretary for Women Veteran Affairs California Department of Veterans Affairs, regarding our women’s program.

·        We had a visit of all of our facilities from the VA housing program.

·        Richard Judd, Veteran's Service Coordinator at Victory Village has been extremely busy advocating Veteran and Disabled Veterans Causes.  He was instrumental in the invitation for Victory Village to become a member of the Governor's California Interagency Council on Veterans (ICV), Executive Order B-09-11. The ICV’s mission is to "Identify and prioritize the needs of California's Veterans, and to coordinate the activities at all levels of government in addressing those needs".  At these meetings, contacts were made with Executive level State CDVA, Legislative Representatives, Non-profits, State Dept Directors, including CDVA Deputy Director of Women Veterans.  A personal contact was made with Executive Director Michael Blecker of the Nonprofit Swords to Plowshares. 

·        We continue to develop our association with Stay Safe Solutions, a large disabled Veterans employment training program.  We have discussed the possibility of a large program in Sacramento with Stay Safe President, Ken Shoemake.  We value this developing association as mutually beneficial to both organizations.